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Sophie’s Gallery, Kensington   
Sat. August 3rd 5-8pm
Revision Gallery, Old Town   
Sat. September 21st 5-8pm
Water's Edge Gallery, Ocean Beach
Sun. November
Rancho Penasquitos Library
Culture Brewing, Encinitas   
Fri. January 3rd 5-8pm
Serra Mesa Library
The Foundry, Carlsbad  
Thurs. February 28th 5-8pm
Oceanside Museum of Art
Lux Art Institute, Encinitas   
Fri. May 29th 
City of Solana Beach City Hall
Carmel Valley Library
The Church at Rancho Bernardo
“Collaborating on a shared passion brings out our best selves,” said Moriarty. “I hope viewers will be inspired to invite people from the margins of culture into the limelight. That is radical inclusion!”
Alejandra Acosta and Rich Walker
Katie Flores and Moya Devine
Brendan Kerr​ and Joy Boe
Ethan Marr and Anna Stoefen
Jack Medved and Amanda Saint-Claire
Stevenson Sapper and Deron Cohen

With generous support from Synergy Arts Foundation and Revision Creative Arts Program, Moriarty has organized an art exhibition features collaborative artwork by six young artists with autism and six professional artists. The exhibition will be on display across San Diego County from August 2019 to December 2020. Putting into practice the call to action from the book, it showcases the social impact of open dialogue, integrated communities, and inclusion.


The artists in Radical Inclusion were matched in pairs to create a collaborative project that celebrates unique perspectives and mutual learning by recognizing the amazing narratives that are produced when different worlds meet to speak the same language. The project surrounds the theme of “community” as a stepping stone for a collective exchange of ideas and experiences. All works are for sale.

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